Senior Full Stack Engineer at Sparkol Ltd

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I hate job descriptions. They are either soul-less and clinically prescriptive about the operations you need to perform, or they are ‘cool’ and ‘fun’ and try to sell you something which is generally agency hype and you'll be worked like the hamster on a wheel. I hope this is neither.

Here's how *I* see the role: We have a *senior* engineering position that needs filling. You will work with a small development team which has little hierarchical structure and a range of experiences. Your experience and views will be an important part of the decision making process. Let's be clear, *senior* means you have experience and can quantify the value, size or impact of the work you have done. It’s *product* work rather than agency work, so although brand names are nice, we are looking for detail and something with more longevity than an Instagram campaign.

We work in an agile fashion with product based teams and are always improving the way we do things. In a small company we try to make sure the right people are involved when needed to gather the right data and make the best decisions for our users.

You’ll make a difference as we’re a small company, but not a three-person startup which is burning through a round of funding (if they’re lucky). We’re a 10-year-old, profitable business with users in over 160 countries. We‘re always looking to expand our teams in order to ensure all our users get the best possible experience out of our products.


Urgh, the technical bit: You need to be agile, know what a good development/delivery process is, have strong AWS experience, think more about servers as cattle than pets (but think cloud first and how we could ditch those cows). You might not be a ReactJS or VueJS expert, but you know what they are and not be ‘snobbish’ about JavaScript as that's what we're building stuff with. Ideally ‘Full Stack’, but you'll have an understanding of browser development possibly doing animation on the canvas, or be able to build scalable services.


We pay competitively with good benefits and believe in a fair work/life balance. We know broken boilers, school runs and sick families are all part of life which sometimes coincide with work, and that’s understandable. What’s not so understandable is doing nothing but playing foosball and drinking coffee all day.. Sorry.

If you have read this and thought it all sounds interesting, but you’re an experienced C/C++ or Rust developer and want to get ya WASM on. You should call me, now!

  • Small, profitable, growing company
  • You'll make an impact
  • You'll be paid well + benefits
  • Possibilities with modern tech are enormous

Best gigs in Bristol right?! Good. Give us a shout.

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